How Long Does It Take to Become a Nurse?

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Want to help people and spend lots of quality time with patients? Then nursing could be the right career for you.

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So You Want To Become a Nurse?

If you want to make lots of money, nursing doesn’t compare to becoming a doctor. But nursing requires much less schooling and can provide a very rewarding, in-demand career.

Hopefully you like people, because as a nurse, you will spend a lot of time interacting with patients. You will work closely with Registered Nurses and the doctors who prescribe care for their patients.


How Many Years Does It Take to Become a Nurse?

Most training programs last about one year. You can find nurse training at vocational schools and community colleges. This is by far the shortest length of schooling amongst the medical field.

Then you will need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Then you will be a licensed LPN.

Yes, one year and then one exam to become a nurse.


You will be looking for a program to become a Licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a Licensed vocational nurse (LVN). (Click here if you are interested in becoming an RN.)

Your schooling will most likely take place at either a vocational school, community college or junior college, or a hospital.

Course work will include both classroom work and clinical, hands-on work. Classroom study and labs cover basic nursing concepts and topics related to patient care. Classes may include anatomy, physiology, obstetrics nursing, pharmacology, nutrition, and first aid. Clinicals will usually take place in a local hospital.

Work Weeks, Salary, and Benefits

Most nurses will work a typical 40-hour work week. Sometimes you will have to work nights, weekends, and holidays, but you should hold a standardized schedule most of the time.

The average salary for a nurse is between $33,360 and $46,710.

Job prospects look very good and LPN employment is growing faster than average.

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